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, your one-stop-shop for your creative needs. With a team of designers, developers and visionaries onboard, we are ready to establish, create and take your brand to the next step.
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We are here to provide our expertise to your vision. Each and every project that passes through CUDOS is uniquely tailored to our partners needs, likes and values to create the most innovative and customizable solution. Main
  • Each and every person is unique and holds their own set of values, goals and personality. So does every business. We create brands that perfectly reflect your business in a visual language that will last for the long run.
  • A well designed website is a work of art. It has to incorporate much more than just a good visual, and must show the user the right way to interact with it. Your user journey through your site is the most important thing, and we can design it so that they will go over exactly what you want them to see and do.
  • In the fast-paced world we live in, if you did not catch the attention of your user in the first second - you lost them forever. In this ever-moving environment you should be moving yourself! We will animate your content so it is as engaging as possible and that will liven up your brand.
  • Our digital tools are core of our productivity, but someone has got to create them! We are here to help you develop and construct your digital assets, from Wordpress sites to unique back-offices and plugins, so that you can be on top of your digital presence.
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Giving Cudos - Testimonials
Let our partners speak
on our behalf.
  • Ron Eyal
    CEO & Co-Founder
    For the past six months, we have been working closely with Stas Brayter. As part of his work with us, starting in August of 2019, he assumed responsibility of Art Director and worked on several different levels simultaneously.
  • Shachar Lotan
    CMO & Biz Dev.
    In the four months of working with Cudos Studio for Design and Software, starting in October of 2019, we have received professional full service well beyond what was expected. From strategic branding, and through full collaboration with the company's staff, marketing team and PR team, the studio answered our every need.
  • Jake
    Biz Dev.
    It was great working with Studio CUDOS. The results are great and i loved your positive approach every step of the way. Really efficient and terrific final product. Looking forward to the next time we work together.
  • Ronit Ran
    Highly efficient work process! We worked with Studio CUDOS on a huge project that lasted over 6 months - and we couldn't be happier with the results. UI/UX design of the finest level, great attitude and the final result? Amazing.
  • Dotan Einav
    Adv., Tax Specialist
    I've worked with several designers and developers, but none were as kind and efficient as Studio CUDOS were. They gave me a complete service from A to Z and then some. I highly recommend them.