Black Lagoon
The Company Of Seafood
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    Black Lagoon
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    02.Packaging Design
  • "Black lagoon"
    Corporate style has been developed for the Black Lagoon project. It includes logo + naming, basic graphic constants, business documentation, souvenir and promotional products, creative packaging and label design. The name takes after the activity of the company. "Lagoon" is a reservoir separated from the sea by oblique sand. There are a lot of species of fish there, so this is the best place for fishing. Why "Black Lagoon"? Because it sounds intriguing, and deep-water areas are intriguing as well. It happens because of the amount of sea inhabitants living there — much more than in shallow water. The unicity of the sign is that by using only the interwoven lines and several points a stylized flock of 3 fish is immediately visible.
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