Shalom Corps
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    Shalom Corps
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    Volunteer Organization
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    01.UI/UX Design
    04.Motion Design
Shalom Corps was founded in 2020 as a global Jewish volunteer movement, dedicated to meaningful service and social responsibility as an expression of Jewish values and love of humanity. Shalom Corps’ mission is to empower a global Jewish volunteer network involved in meaningful and significant volunteerism that engages participants in Jewish service-learning experiences. We believe that authentic, needs-driven service can have a transformative impact on vulnerable populations around the world, and on young Jews looking to make a difference. Shalom Corps Ltd. is a non-profit organization established by Mosaic United (a collaborative program of the Government of Israel and the Ministry of the Diaspora) and the Jewish Agency for Israel. We’re very excited to have our Local Community Impact Initiative underway. This new model involves 25 local projects, and has allowed volunteers around the world to take part in meaningful service despite the challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Join our movement, move with us!
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